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We Cry Lyrics by JP Cooper

You say I kiss the bottle more that I kiss you
And lately you’ve been needing something like a parachute

Because you feel like you’ve been falling
I leave first thing in the morning
And we’re scraping at the barrel just to stop the bailiffs calling

I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s just a temporary season
And I guess that growing pains are given that name for a reason
It’s no fairy tale love, and I don’t say it enough
But I swear my love is permanent and all I want is us

Sometimes you cry in the daytime
And although you try to hide it
I know sometimes God laughs when we make plans
And it’s hard to understand why
Sometimes it’s dark in the daylight
When there’s blue skies
And I know sometimes we cry (We cry)
We cry (We cry)
And it’s hard to understand why
And it’s hard to understand why

Now I can fix you dinner, but I can’t fix you
I couldn’t find the recipe and I’ve been hurting too
Because I feel like I’ve been falling
And it came on without warning
And I’m cursing my own footsteps when I leave you in the morning

Download JP Cooper We Cry Mp3 Video Lyrics

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