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Joyful Way – Barima Yesu Lyrics


Barima Yesu ama me enigye
W’ama m’akoma ato me yem
W’ama me ahoto
Bewu gye me nkwa
Ono na okyere me se
Orengyae me dabiara da
Wo m’asetna yi mu
Nti mensuro hwee


The Man Jesus has given me Joy
He has given me satisfaction
He has given me peace
He died to save me
He has taught me
That He will never leave me
In all of my life time
So I shall not be afraid

Verse 1
Mommra mmehwe odo a, Yesu de ado me:
Ode ne nkwa to ho, bewu gye me nkwa
Nanso wo buu no animtia
Na mmarima paa no
Oye Onipa a onim ayayadee
Oye Onipa a onim oyaree
Wafa me nyarewa nyinaa
Wasoa m’ayayade nyinaa
Nanso wo buu no se nea wahwe no
Nea Onyame aka n’ahye bone mu
Me bone nti na wokum no
Me amumoye nti na wohwee no
M’asomdwoe ho asotwe so da no so
Ne pira-kruu mu na wa sa me yare


I invite you experience the love of Jesus:
He laid down His live and died me
But he was despised
And rejected of men
He was a man of sorrows
Acquainted with grief
He bore all of my diseases
He carried all of my sorrows
Yet he was esteemed as one who was stricken
One whom the Lord had smitten and afflicted
He was wounded for my transgressions
He was bruised for my iniquities
The chastisement of my peace was upon Him
By His stripes I am healed

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